Graphic Design

Logo Design

Coming up with an effective and engaging design for a corporate logo can be a challenge. No single other graphic says so much about your company as its logo. Our design team specializes in coming up with innovative design concepts for many types of businesses.

Banner and Flyer Design

If you are using promotional materiel such as banners and flyers, then you owe it to yourself to make sure they are as effective as they can be. When each one costs money to produce, you need to know that the design is going to convert the people you hand them to, in to paying customers. Our design team can produce professional designs, that are ready to be printed by either conventional printing companies, or digital printers.

Business Cards

If you want to make a lasting impression, nothing says more about a company or person than a well-designed, professionally printed business card. Our designers can undertake business card design, using traditional or more progressive styles.

Corporate Identity Development

Putting a high impact corporate identity together, is one of the most effective ways to ensure your company is seen as a professional, committed enterprise. By allowing our design team to either create a new corporate identity, or refresh an existing one, you can positively boost your brand image.

3D Animation Design

3D animation is a fantastic way to deliver strong messages using digital marketing channels such as your company website. Our designers are proficient with all modern 3D design technologies, and can turn your flat concepts and ideas, in to truly stunning 3D work.

Creative Videos

In the modern world of digital marketing, nothing converts quite like a good video. The Limitless Technology team has the skills and expertise to produce studio quality video, including voice over and animation if required. Get your marketing message across with a highly converting quality video.